Category: Romafuo

  • Romafuo 1: 5

    romafoCc Us oU aCdinkra a yenam nEC soC aCNa adoCm nEC asoCmafoCjuma dEC rECbre amanaman Ninaa asoC aCsEC ama ZidiE nEC din nti;

  • Romafuo 1: 4

    romafoCc Us dU aCdinkra na wcdEC tumi aCyi noC aQECre se NankoCpcn ba, ahoCtECe hoCnhoCm faCm, awudoCc scrECe mu; cnEC yEsu kristo, yen aCwuradEC

  • Romafuo 1: 3

    romafoCc Us aU aCdinkra wc nEC ba a hoCnam faCm wcwoCoC noC daCwid aCsECni noC hoC;

  • Romafuo 1: 2

    romafoCc Us pU aCdinkra a cnam n’aCdiyifoCc soC See hoC bc siEE atwECre nsem kroCnkroCn mu,

  • Romafuo ofa 12

    aCdinkra English (King James Version)

  • Romafuo 12: 2

    romafoCc Usp pU aCdinkra na moCnNe moC hoC se wiasEC yi, na mmom moCmfa ajECnECm foCfoCrcye nsaQECra moC hoC, na moCasc dECe oNankoCpcn pe a eye, na esc aCni, na eye pe noC ahwe. English (KJV) And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye…

  • Romafuo ofa 8

    aCdinkra English (King James Version)

  • Romafuo 8: 28

    romafoCc Uq pqU aCdinkra na yenim se wcn a wcdc oNankoCpcn noC, adEC Ninaa di boCa wcn ma no wiE wcn yiE, wcn a wcnam nEC tirimbc noC soC afre wcn noC. English (KJV) And we know that all things work together for good for them that love God, to them who are the called…

  • Romafuo ofa 1

    aCdinkra Akan English

  • Romafuo 1: 1

    Adinkra paulo, yEsu kristo akoCa, a wcfree noC se cmmeye csoCmafoCc na wcaCyi noC aCsi hc ama NankoCpcn asempa Akan Paulo, Yesu Kristo akoa, a wofree no se ommeye osomafuo na woayi no asi ho ama Nyankopon asempa English Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of…